Mahuta Annual Yearling Bull Sale 2021

On September 17th, we will hold our 37th annual bull sale. We have 57 Hereford bulls for sale with some very low-birthweight bulls for dairy-heifer mating and some high growth bulls suitable for beef or dairy cows. The bulls come from a highly fertile herd with emphasis on soundness and performance. They are well-grown, semen-tested, tested negative and vaccinated for BVD. Updated  EBVs will be available on sale day.

Holding the sale during Covid lockdown will be a challenge but we have the advice that it can continue, provided that we all wear masks and observe social distancing. With this in mind, we will plan to hold the sale outside where more people can observe the bulls and maintain distance. Of course, if we are in level 2 (as we were last year), we can hold the sale as usual, under cover, signing in with the QR code or on paper.

There may be an issue for those wishing to cross regional boundaries if Auckland remains in level 4 lockdown. Possible options include requesting a permit from MBIE (I have an application form provided by Federated Farmers) or attending the sale online using BIDR. Stock agents will help to facilitate the sale. The steps to log on to BIDR can be found in the catalogue but if anyone needs help, they are welcome to contact us.

If you would like an advice about the bulls which are likely to be suitable for your requirements, please feel welcome to contact us.

There are likely to be constraints, if in level 3, on the food which we can provide but the advice is that food is all right so long as it comes pre-wrapped.

We appreciate your patience during these trying times and again wish you a successful season.

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