Fresh Bulls in 2024

Limehills Throne 220672

This year, we have bought 2 herd sires and a package of semen. They have all been purchased with the aim of furthering our breeding aims. These are to breed cattle which will maximise profit for our clients.

The first is Limehills Throne 220672. He is a very attractive bull, as can be seen from the photo, with great rein of neck and presence and mobility. In addition, his figures are outstanding which are an indication of productive potential and therefore profit. He has top calving ease [top 5%], above average growth, superior scrotal circumference [top 5%]. This is an indication of fertility. On top of that, he has above average EMA [meat], top 1% fats and top 1% imf [indicative of carcass quality]. Unsurprisingly, his indexes for prime beef and for beef-heifer mating are in the top 1% for Australasia.

The second bull is Matariki Performer P24. He is a very upstanding bull with great head carriage and rein of neck accompanied by high calving ease for the heifer’s calf, high scrotal circumference ebv and high meat, fats and imf.

The third is semen from Koanui Lips T147. He is rated by Chris Chesterman as one of the best bulls they have bred and he has data to match. We are looking forward to using him in our programme.